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About Us

The Riddles of Time Saga is a Pathfinder campaign created by a few young professionals who wanted to get back into the world of RPGs. Some of us have previous experience, some of us don’t, but all of us want to sling dice, kill ridiculous monsters, and talk in hilarious voices while sharing a 6-pack (or 12-pack… or a 30-pack, whatever, don’t judge). We take our gaming much like an overly serious rec softball team would take their games: have fun while being awesome.

We currently have a committed DM (who has PC experience, but is a beginner behind the screen) and three players of various gaming ability. We’re learning together and want to eventually have a regular game either weekly or bi-weekly. Even though we have no problem getting started with the current group, we’re always open to new players if they fit our attitude and have similar goals for having fun. So if you are in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area and are interested, shoot us a message and maybe you can join in on the fun.

An Introduction

The setting for the campign is the world of Golarion, which plays host to the Pathfinder RPG. Anything that has been published by Paizo for the Pathfinder RPG game will be considered canon for the campaign. While the beginning (and likely the majority) of the campaign will be set in the Inner Sea region of Golarion, the events of the entire world are fair game. Additionally, since a wiki for Golarion has already been created and developed extensively, many of the links within this wiki will point you direct to the pages found there. By doing so, we can focus on the things unique to our campaign here.

In addition to the content provided by Paizo, Golarion will be shaped by additional DM creations from cities to NPCs to story lines. It is important to note, however, that these additions will not contradict the published details of the world, but rather work within and in conjunction with those details to make the setting unique to the group.

House Rules will be maintained on the wiki and will be developed as needed.

The location for game days has yet to be determined, but we are currently looking at gaming shops in the area. Regardless of where we end up playing we would like to maintain our focus on food, fun, and alcohol.

For more information about the campaign and our world, check out the main page of our wiki.

The Riddles of Time Saga

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