The Riddles of Time Saga


Hey everyone who checks up on this. I apologize for being MIA the last month, but moving/work has been an obstacle recently. Once I get the move complete things should be back up and running. I wanted to note a couple of things (for you and for myself).

1) I will be using this page as an OOC (out of character… see? we’re learning together!) blog explaining my progress and when I expect the campaign to be up and running.

2) Thanks so much to those of you who messaged me about joining the group. As noted it’s stalled at the moment, but hopefully we will be up and running soon. I will respond back with info when it gets closer to kick-off time and hopefully you’re still interested. It’s really exciting to see the interest.

3) I am currently doing my homework on Golarion. I want to have a very solid working knowledge of the areas and general story arcs so I can answer any questions when they come up and provide background to fully flesh out the world for you all. I have collected sources on a handful of the Inner Sea region and it’s nations, focused primarily on the northern portion where our campaign will at least start. If you want to do your own research, I would suggest starting with Varisia, where I plan to start this party. Party in a flowing kegs and drinking songs kind of way, not in a group of adventurer’s sort of way.

4) I hope you are all staying excited. This will be a lot of fun once we get into a routine. Check back periodically for updates. I’m not sure how I am going to flesh this all out for you at this point, but I’m toying with the idea of creating the common knowledge (the city I create, the local personalities, etc.) on here and letting you read it as you want. We’ll see what happens.


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